creating wordpress template from photoshop

Save 15% On Pluralsight - Annual Subscription Only $299 ... [Read More...] downloader

You can create a very cool application using that is a downloader to download any file/video etc . In this video at you can see how you can create a downloader program in with progress bar that shows the downloading process. If you have any suggestions and comments use idealprogrammer forums Watch the video here > That video is very... [Read More...] text to speech

If you want to make a cool application in which can speak the text have a look at this video – Dont worry the codes in this program is very simple . only 2 lines of code but it's uses are vast. If you have got any comments and suggestions use idealprogrammer forums  Read More →

Make a media player in

You'll want to start by creating a new VB Windows Forms Application. Once you do, and you have the default form layout, go ahead an start customizing your form. What I did was I dragged out 2 Picture Boxes, and a Menu Strip. For the picture boxes, its pretty easy. Just find a picture on Google Images for something that resembles Music and one that resembles Video, then set that as the picture in the picture box. Here is what my setup turned out... [Read More...]

New dreamweaver enable disable feature

This video shows you the dreamweaver cs5's new feature of enabling and disabling css rules for experimenting and testing new things. Dreamweaver CS5’s new CSS Enable/Disable feature helps you experiment quickly with CSS-based layouts and designs.  Read More →

Best Website tutorials for photoshop

Source:TripwireMagazine , webdesignledger Here are some of the best photoshop webdesigning tutorials Photoshop Website design Tutorials Create a Professional Portfolio Design in 17 Easy Steps This tutorial teaches you how to create a professional looking portfolio design using very basic techniques. The majority of online portfolio’s appear amateur, yet it really isn’t very difficult to produce a simple design, very quickly that can portray a... [Read More...]

Best free joomla stuff

If you are looking for best and free joomla templates and extensions . You can visit . It also has a list of template providers and all news and resources related to joomla. If you know a website better than you can post in your comments at idealprogrammer forums  Read More →

Learn css positioning with examples

If you want to learn css positioning with live examples of div's which are begin positioned you can use the following website which are recommended for you . and  Read More →

Free css tutorial series

If you want to learn best stuff that you can do with css you can use this awesome website :- Here is a short css video series too : If you have any comments and suggestions on this article please use idealprogrammer forums  Read More →

css image switcher

Roll over a link, watch the image above change. That’s what we build in this screencast, only we don’t use any JavaScript to do it. The trick is some simple z-index switching on hover and a bit of absolute positioning. Running Time: 12:20 Direct Download: High Quality, Quicktime .M4V Format (AppleTV Ready)  Read More →

what is fixed positioning in css ?

Fixed positioning in css is very easy to learn and much helpful. So what is actually fixed positioning Well you may have noticed that mosft often footer are seen at the bottom of the page . But if they are positioned using fixed positioning they will be in that position no matter you scroll or not . They will be at the same position as you mentioned . So is fixed positioning good ? Yes why not ? it can help us in many situtations and footers are... [Read More...]

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