How to make a simple navigation bar

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style your first letter using css

Now you can style the first letter and first line the css . For styling first letter CSS :first-letter pseudo-element <html> <head> <style type="text/css"> p:first-letter { color:#ff0000; font-size:xx-large; } </style> </head> <body> <p>This is a text.</p> </body> </html> When can this be useful? This can be useful for styling the first letter of an parragraph . CSS :first-line... [Read More...]

Spry tabbed panels

In this tutorial i will talk about spry tabbed panels . Here are some links that are recommended if you want to learn spry tabbed panels. Note:Spry objects are in dreamweaver version cs3 or higher So i will show you how you can create and modify tabbed panel. Go to insert> sry > spry tabbed panel Now it will... [Read More...]

how to style quotes using css

source:   The blockquote XHTML tag is a fairly useful (if somewhat underused) element. Semantically speaking, a blockquote should be used any time you’re quoting a longer piece of text from another source – another speaker, another website, whatever. It’s a way of setting the text apart, and showing that it came from some other source. Stylistically, you could accomplish... [Read More...]

tips for making a professional ppt

Here are some Tips and Tricks for making a professional powerpoint presentation. 1. If dont find any good powerpoint template for all you slides . It is recommended that you make your own powerpoint template and apply it to all slides. 2. Make use of transparency . It is always good to use transparent images in your powerpoint slide. 3. Embed videos and other objects like charts to enhance your powerpoint Presentation. 4. If you want to make a presentation... [Read More...]

programming windows phone 7 for beginners

 If you want to lean programming windows phone 7 . A new video series has been developed by Bob Tabor  and Clint Rutkas which is basically for the beginners.   You can see the video series for free by visiting this page >>>      Read More →

How to insert flash in

This article shows you how to embed/insert flash in your applications How to link Micromedia Flash File in VB.Net   First of all create Flash MX file with extension .swf  Now create a new project in Right click on the tool box. Select “Add/Remove Items". Select “COM Components” Select “Shockwave Flash Object”. Click OK. Then you can see the Shockwave Flash Object in the tool bar. Drag... [Read More...]

How to use images correctly in html

Webpages are not complete without images ? But it is important to keep in mind some basic things about images when it comes to designing webpages using images #Tip1 Never use absolute paths for images because incase that link is dead your webpage will look awful instead use relative paths . Note: We have done a tutorial on relative and absolute paths #Tip2 Never resize image using height and width properties of image tag because these attributes do... [Read More...]

How can you style your html content area

If you are deciding to make your own website or a webpage the first step is to create a main content area where we put all the stuff . Often this is body tag . But for making the webpages more attractive we can include many things in css . First thing is to select a good background color. Note: That if select the  background-color you may also need to change the color(fore color) so that it can be viewed . Second thing is to give your body... [Read More...]

How to make buttons in css using links

I Discovered a new way to create buttons in webpage using links and css So what we will do in this tutorial is that we will make a link and style it as a button . So first create a link <code> <a href= > Idealprogrammer </a>   </code> Now we will style this a tag with css <code> a { padding:5px;  text-decoration:none;       background-color:#0CF;  border:1px... [Read More...]

How to make a keygen using

How To Make a keygen using Source: coderforums For support and suggestions please visit idealprogrammer forums Description: A keygen means a program that generate keys for a certain program. Preparation: Steps: 1. Create a project Open Visual Basic 8 and create a Windows Form Application. Name it as the keygen you want to make. In this tutorial, i will make a Windows 7 Keygen as an example. 2.... [Read More...]

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