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C-Sharp – WPF – 3D – Code Samples

C-Sharp – WPF – 3D Examples Purpose: – Illustrates the C-Sharp WPF syntax for working with the 3-D Objects. View Other C-Sharp Examples C-Sharp – WPF – 3D Examples Animation Rotate Transform 3D Animation Rotate 3D Transform 3-D Scene Animation Rotation Code Sample Shows how to animate a rotation transformation on a 3-D model in procedural code. Animated Rotation Markup Sample Demonstrates rotation with markup... [Read More...]

Make a compression utility using

The GZipStream class Before .NET Framework 2.0 if you wanted to compress files you had to use a 3rd party library capable of doing that. In the new version there is a new namespace: System.IO.Compression that contains the GZipStream class. The GZipStream class has methods allowing us to both compress and decompress a file into a zip archive. The disadvantage of using the GZipStream class over a 3rd party product is that it has limited capabilities.... [Read More...]

Visual studio shotcut keys

h3 id="general-scroll">General Shortcut Description Ctrl-X or Shift-Delete Cuts the currently selected item to the clipboard Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Insert Copies the currently selected item to the clipboard Ctrl-V or Shift-Insert Pastes the item in the clipboard at the cursor Ctrl-Z or Alt-Backspace Undo previous editing action Ctrl-Y or Ctrl-Shift-Z Redo the previous undo... [Read More...]

Orange-Dark Template from idealprogrammer

I recently released another free template called Orange-Dark. As always this theme is not available for download but more that that . we can render this theme according do you just reply here and sign up at and tell us about how and what things to change according to your needs in forums .   Here is the live demo – And here is the screenshot -        Read More →

Learn in 24 hours

Yes that's right you can actually learn in 24 hours. No matter you migrated from another language or you are an absolute beginner. Here are some vb books recommended for you is the most popular language used by users all over the world. It is simple too. Here are some of the pages which are highly recommended for you to learn in 24 hours. Note: You have to choose only one link not all. Tip... [Read More...]

Free idealprogrammer theme

  Hello everyone I have recently designed a pure css template . You might need to zoom in our out with your browser if resolution is not correct in your computer. The theme also has a stylish animated navigation bar. Watch theme demo here >>> Theme screenshot –   The theme is not for download . But if you guys are members of idealprogrammer . We can edit the theme for you and... [Read More...]

Count number of words using

  In this short tutorial I will show you how can we calculate the number of words in a string . The string can be a string from inputbox or textbox or any string . It is  useful because we may need to count the number of words a user may enter. We have a function in .net called string.split. Returns a string array that contains the substrings in this instance that are delimited by elements of a specified Unicode character array. code     Dim... [Read More...]

new css trick to show/hide content

I just found out a new way of showing/hiding images( In this tutorial we will talk about images only. But the technique can be applied to any element) Well first we need an image . Well most of you would like to use photoshop or other image editing app. Go For it !!! After you have an image . See the width and height of the image . Now write an css rule for the image We will only use image tag no id (to make it simple) Css:- img{ position:absolute; width:400px; height:200px; left:-350px; top:10px; } Note... [Read More...]

Html5 id

We all know what an id attribute in html means . It is identification name of an element . But What's New with html 5 id attribute ? Well we all know that html 4.01 was  pretty restrictive regarding what values are allowed for id attributes There is some good news :- In html5 you can enter almost anything in the id attribute. That means you can insert (. , : anything in id attribute) But it is recommended to keep your coding... [Read More...]

vb competition

I recently went to a vb competition and i was surprised to see complex questions can also be solved and done using vb 6 and . How to solve core arithmetical and logical questions ? If you have a good knowledge of linear equations in mathematics , you can easily form the equation using variables and show the results. Some of the questions were :- Like we need to enter any 2 members to make the following pattern . For example if we entered the... [Read More...]

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