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Wade HarveyMy name is Wade Harvey. I have been in the programming field for forty years. I also have a background in psychology and philosophy.

One of the things that I have learned from philosophy is that what makes things good is how well they match up to their ideal. One ethicist I studied in philosophy was named Robert Hartman. Hartman applied Field Theory to values.

In a field, there are two poles. This situation of there being two poles is often referred to as being "bipolar." In the field of values, the two poles are the actual object and the ideal.

According to Hartman, the tension that we feel between the actual and the ideal object is similar to the tension that exists between the two poles of a magnet. This tension exists not only between actual objects and ideal ones, but also between our actual self and our ideal one. When we take action to transform the actual into the ideal, we are able to reduce the tension that exists between the two.

It is my hope that this web site may help myself and others to reduce the gap that exists between their actual selves and their ideal ones. I am trying to pull together resources and information in a visual way that will help it to be more easily understood by all.

If you want to learn more about me and my philosophy, please friend me or follow me on Facebook: Wade Harvey. Here are some resourses that I have posted there in relation to Hartman's theory of value:

You can read or listen to the BEST one-page essay that I have ever written at:

Can Field Theory Be Applied to Ethics?

I did a 4-minute video on the subject:
Highest Ideals

I did a 16-minute video that shows the connection between Plato and Hartman that can be viewed here:
Knowledge and Goodness

Another good paper that I wrote on the subject of Formal Axiology can be found here:
What is Formal Axiology?

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