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Premium (Not Free) Video Tutorials Videos A-B .NET - 227 hrs 2D Animation - 73 hrs 3D Animation - 507 hrs 3D Dynamics - 177 hrs 3D Lighting - 55 hrs 3d Modeling - 1169 hrs 3D Rendering - 496 hrs 3D Rigging - 475 hrs 3D Scripting - 51 hrs 3D Sculpting - 361 hrs 3D Texturing - 267 hrs Adobe - 61 hrs Amazon Web Services - 18 hrs Android - 74 hrs AOP - 3 hrs Architecture - 120 hrs ASP.NET - 294 hrs Beginner... [Read More...]

Integrate joomla with facebook

Do you want to integrate joomla with facebook for things like : Allowing users to login from facebook to your joomla site. Allowing users to comment on your site with their facebook. Allowing users to like your company page etc You have 2 ways : 1 way is that look for joomla extensions site for latest facebook integration joomla extensions See this – But this... [Read More...]

Best free joomla stuff

If you are looking for best and free joomla templates and extensions . You can visit . It also has a list of template providers and all news and resources related to joomla. If you know a website better than you can post in your comments at idealprogrammer forums  Read More →

Creating a joomla template from photoshop is a great website which converts your psd file into css. This tutorial shows you how to create a joomla template/theme from photoshop . Thanks to ehow for this article. •1 Open Photoshop and design your Joomla template background. Create the template without any boxes for content or information. •2 Create a new layer and name it "content_joomla." This layer is incredibly important, as it is where the major... [Read More...]

How to edit joomla favicon

In Joomla! 1.0, the favicon was stored in the /images directory of the site. The system automatically loads a reference to /images/favicon.ico in the header of a Joomla! 1.0 site, so you could change your favicon by simply replacing that file on your server. Joomla! 1.5 handles favicons differently. Instead of having a central location for the favicon, Joomla! 1.5 loads the favicon from the root directory of whichever template is loaded on your site.... [Read More...]

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