Wrap SQL in Quotes for C-Sharp Tool

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Alternative to SQL Profiler – IdealSqlTracer is Simple, Free, and Open Source

IdealSqlTracer is a simple, free, open source alternative to SQL Profiler. The advantage of IdealSqlTracer is that it takes all of the sql generated behind the scenes in a desktop application or web page, and it formats it to make it easily readable. IdealSqlTracer takes this beautifully formatted sql, and puts it into notepad. This allows you to easily cut-n-paste the sql in notepad, and run it directly in Sql Server Management Studio (SSMS). The... [Read More...]

Find Columns SQL DB Tool – Download Now

Here is a SQL DB Tool that helps you to find columns in a SQL DB. The name of the tool is Ideal Tools Organizer, and it contains a very powerful built in tool called Find Columns SQL DB. You can download the Find Columns SQL DB tool now by clicking on Ideal Tools Organizer. Find Columns SQL DB: Overview The purpose of the Find Columns SQL database Tool is to allow one to quickly find columns in a large SQL Database. The main task that you have... [Read More...]

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