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How to make a ribbon style menu in programming

How to make a ribbon style menu in programming  For Unmanged Languages (c++ etc)   The Windows Ribbon framework is a rich command presentation system that provides a modern alternative to the layered menus, toolbars, and task panes of traditional Windows applications. Similar in functionality and appearance to the Microsoft Office 2007 Fluent user interface, the Ribbon framework is composed of a ribbon... [Read More...]

Run your application as administrator

At times. you may require your program to run as administrator There are 2 ways to do this 1. Modify the project UAC settings 2. Go to debug and then run your program .exe file as administraotr We will discuss both the methods let's start with the first method Well for the first method you need to replace only 1 word . See this video for the first method : Here is the 1st method "You need to make your application UAC compliant so that it... [Read More...]

Pdf reader in

Do you want to create an application that can read pdf files ? Well you have a way by which you can do this . There is A COM component which will allow you to do this task very asily . Please see this article which shows you how to do this task - Also it is recommended that you watch this video also . Credit for this video goes to Roylyn Andrews You can view the code online –... [Read More...]

Option infer,option strict,option compare,option explict in

Sources :, and my knowledge Back to the Future – VB6 Variant Redux? In VB6, we could use a variable without declaring it as … myVar1 = "whatever" myVar2 = 666 The variables were compiled as Variant types, which could hold anything. This was carried over into .NET as Object types. If Option Explicit is Off, then you can write the same code and the variables became Object types. Again, they could hold anything.... [Read More...] byval and byref

Original source: The word ByVal is short for "By Value". What it means is that you are passing a copy of a variable to your Subroutine. You can make changes to the copy and the original will not be altered. ByRef is the alternative. This is short for By Reference. This means that you are not handing over a copy of the original variable but pointing to the original variable. Let's see a coding example. Add a new button... [Read More...]

Subroutines and Functions

Well I am writing this tutorial in which i wil tell you about subroutines and functions in Note: This tutorial can also apply for other languages because the basic programming fundamentals are the same .   And you can also take a look at this page in which this concept is explained clearly – So first start from the easiest concept. We all know that in our form class there are many subroutines... [Read More...]

Make a compression utility using

The GZipStream class Before .NET Framework 2.0 if you wanted to compress files you had to use a 3rd party library capable of doing that. In the new version there is a new namespace: System.IO.Compression that contains the GZipStream class. The GZipStream class has methods allowing us to both compress and decompress a file into a zip archive. The disadvantage of using the GZipStream class over a 3rd party product is that it has limited capabilities.... [Read More...]

Learn in 24 hours

Yes that's right you can actually learn in 24 hours. No matter you migrated from another language or you are an absolute beginner. Here are some vb books recommended for you is the most popular language used by users all over the world. It is simple too. Here are some of the pages which are highly recommended for you to learn in 24 hours. Note: You have to choose only one link not all. Tip... [Read More...]

vb competition

I recently went to a vb competition and i was surprised to see complex questions can also be solved and done using vb 6 and . How to solve core arithmetical and logical questions ? If you have a good knowledge of linear equations in mathematics , you can easily form the equation using variables and show the results. Some of the questions were :- Like we need to enter any 2 members to make the following pattern . For example if we entered the... [Read More...]

Top websites to learn

If you are planning to learn from scratch here are some recommended websites which you should try . And if you have any doubts and problems or suggestions free feel to use idealprogrammer forums.  Read More →

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