vb.net environment class

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programming windows 7 taskbar

This 5 video series can be very useful for the developers who want to make use of windows 7 taskbar with their applications . You can see those videos here in this great blog >> http://channel9.msdn.com/blogs/yochay/programming-the-windows-7-taskbar–using-the-taskbar-button-overlay-icons-and-progress-bars  Read More →

objects and classes in vb.net

This is a really great article for beginners who want to learn about classes and objects in vb.net (any version) An object is an instance of a CLASS E.G: car1 and car2 in the following code.>> Public Class Form1 Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click 'car1 is an object and it is an instance of the Car CLASS.>> Dim car1 As New Car 'car2 is an object and it... [Read More...]

aero effects in .net applications

With the launch of Windows Vista, Microsoft introduces brand new UI, eye-catching aero effects (glass effects) for their new Operating System. I have seen a lot of programmers who are much concerned about the looks of their applications. So this time with the launch of Windows 7, Microsoft provides the Windows 7 API Code Pack. The Windows 7 API Code Pack not only just allows incorporating the aero glass effect, but many other features which will let... [Read More...]

Tips for programmers

I have started this article for some tips for programmer . Note: This article is anyone who is using any programming language #Tip-1 If you are a programmer then many times you will face majour problems and bugs in your applications like access is denied , the file is being used, you dont have permissions to do this task,abc.dll is required to work your program and things related to security which block your program. In these cases dont give up go... [Read More...]

Movefilex function

In this article i will tell you about movefilex function and it's uses So let's start with what is movefileex function ? Well it justs Moves an existing file or a directory, including its children. But you might think hey what the hell ? when we have .net framework why do we need this api ? well the answer is sometimes you might need to move a file which is different from normal files like files which are in use . well in this case you... [Read More...]

vb.net downloader

You can create a very cool application using vb.net that is a downloader to download any file/video etc . In this video at idealprogrammer.tv you can see how you can create a downloader program in vb.net with progress bar that shows the downloading process. If you have any suggestions and comments use idealprogrammer forums Watch the video here > http://idealprogrammer.tv/videos/483/how-to-make-a-file-downloader-in-vb.net That video is very... [Read More...]

vb.net text to speech

If you want to make a cool application in vb.net which can speak the text have a look at this idealprogrammer.tv video – http://idealprogrammer.tv/videos/484/vb.net-tutorial-13-text-to-speech-(visual-basic-2008-2010) Dont worry the codes in this program is very simple . only 2 lines of code but it's uses are vast. If you have got any comments and suggestions use idealprogrammer forums  Read More →

Make a media player in vb.net

You'll want to start by creating a new VB Windows Forms Application. Once you do, and you have the default form layout, go ahead an start customizing your form. What I did was I dragged out 2 Picture Boxes, and a Menu Strip. For the picture boxes, its pretty easy. Just find a picture on Google Images for something that resembles Music and one that resembles Video, then set that as the picture in the picture box. Here is what my setup turned out... [Read More...]

Maths and programming

Well This may sound little bit silly but cartesian plane which we need to be good at cartesian plane to learn some good programming Yes i know you might be wondering we learned this when we were 13-14 in mathematics but why do we need to learn it for programming ? Well the answer is the cartesian plane is also widely used in programming take vb.net example for instance for drawing a line we need to tell x and y cordinates dont we have to ? And another... [Read More...]

Free visual studio 2010 ebook

Microsoft Press has released a free book titled Moving To Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and is available to download now. This free e-book written by Patrice Pelland, Pascal Paré, and Ken Haines is an ultimate resource for developers who have switched to the latest version of Visual Studio According to the authors, this 336 page book will help professional developers who are working with previous versions of Visual Studio and are looking to make the... [Read More...]

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