C++ Video Tutorials – 115 Hours

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Tips for programmers

I have started this article for some tips for programmer . Note: This article is anyone who is using any programming language #Tip-1 If you are a programmer then many times you will face majour problems and bugs in your applications like access is denied , the file is being used, you dont have permissions to do this task,abc.dll is required to work your program and things related to security which block your program. In these cases dont give up go... [Read More...]

Movefilex function

In this article i will tell you about movefilex function and it's uses So let's start with what is movefileex function ? Well it justs Moves an existing file or a directory, including its children. But you might think hey what the hell ? when we have .net framework why do we need this api ? well the answer is sometimes you might need to move a file which is different from normal files like files which are in use . well in this case you... [Read More...]

Maths and programming

Well This may sound little bit silly but cartesian plane which we need to be good at cartesian plane to learn some good programming Yes i know you might be wondering we learned this when we were 13-14 in mathematics but why do we need to learn it for programming ? Well the answer is the cartesian plane is also widely used in programming take vb.net example for instance for drawing a line we need to tell x and y cordinates dont we have to ? And another... [Read More...]

Update Resources of dll,exe files

Do You want to update the resources which are present inside pe files (.exe,.dll and others) . Well you can use Window's Beginupdateresource, Updateresource and Endupdateresource function which can do this task easily. Things you need to know The path of the file whose resources you are updating The language of resource (like english french etc which are represented by a number like 1033 stands for english) The name of the resource (Keep... [Read More...]

Game Programming, C++, DarkGDK – 6 Hours of Free Video Tutorials

This is a 6-part webcast series on game programming with DarkGDK using C++ presented by Lee Bamber. Lee is the CEO and founder of Game Creators in the UK. If you are beginning game programming, this series will teach you about game development software and many video game programming basics.     Creative Commons License photo credit: shaymus022   Game Programming, C++, DarkGDK   1. Game Programming in DarkGDK and C++ Key... [Read More...]

C++ – Summary of 19 Video Programming Video Tutorials from Stanford & Elsewhere

This is a brief post on C++ programming that is meant to serve the same function that a movie trailer does. The idea is to allow everyone that does a search on YouTube or Google Video, etc. to find this Catalog of 19 Video Tutorials on C++ – please click the previous link to go the article that contains the videos now. Here is the brief 2-minute movie trailer that summarizes the tutorials: The first set of programming videos is from reconnetworks.com,... [Read More...]

Introduction to C++ – Stanford Video Tutorials and Other Video Lectures

Here are some of the best rated C++ Video Lecture Tutorials. The first set 5 video lecture tutorials is from reconnetworks.com. The next set of 13 lectures from Stanford University is much more in-depth. The lecture at the end is by Dr. Bjarne Stroustrup – the original designer and implementer of the C++ Programming Language. (Note: You can click on the heading for each video to go directly to the video so that you can enlarge it to fill... [Read More...]

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