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How to use images correctly in html

Webpages are not complete without images ? But it is important to keep in mind some basic things about images when it comes to designing webpages using images #Tip1 Never use absolute paths for images because incase that link is dead your webpage will look awful instead use relative paths . Note: We have done a tutorial on relative and absolute paths #Tip2 Never resize image using height and width properties of image tag because these attributes do... [Read More...]

How can you style your html content area

If you are deciding to make your own website or a webpage the first step is to create a main content area where we put all the stuff . Often this is body tag . But for making the webpages more attractive we can include many things in css . First thing is to select a good background color. Note: That if select the  background-color you may also need to change the color(fore color) so that it can be viewed . Second thing is to give your body... [Read More...]

How to make buttons in css using links

I Discovered a new way to create buttons in webpage using links and css So what we will do in this tutorial is that we will make a link and style it as a button . So first create a link <code> <a href= > Idealprogrammer </a>   </code> Now we will style this a tag with css <code> a { padding:5px;  text-decoration:none;       background-color:#0CF;  border:1px... [Read More...]

create a social network menu using html

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a social media share menu using CSS and jQuery. We are going to create the menu using basics CSS such as the CSS background-position property and a little jQuery to make the links animated. Create the HTML 1 Let’s create the HTML first. Here is our markup. Bookmark or Share This Post Delicious Facebook Stumble Twitter Style the HTML with CSS This is how our menu looks... [Read More...]

Beginning css

Do you want to learn css ? I am assuming you already know html and learning html is important for learning css . From where to start ? First you might ask what is css ? css is basically a language which is used to control the look and presentation of the html content or webpage. we first write the basic content like parragraphs,headings etc and then we use css to design them . You might also ask so why do we need 2 different languages for webpages... [Read More...]

css advanced selectors

Combinators The advanced combinators allow you to define styles that are based on a more complex rule that will be applied to more specific elements. Originally, it was possible to get to descendant-elements through contextual styles. For instance: p em {font-size: larger; } This rule will affect all em elements inside paragraphs. This is very useful, but also relatively simplistic. Combinators allow you to state the required relationship between... [Read More...]

what is fixed positioning in css ?

Fixed positioning in css is very easy to learn and much helpful. So what is actually fixed positioning Well you may have noticed that mosft often footer are seen at the bottom of the page . But if they are positioned using fixed positioning they will be in that position no matter you scroll or not . They will be at the same position as you mentioned . So is fixed positioning good ? Yes why not ? it can help us in many situtations and footers are... [Read More...]

Understanding anchors in html

How to navigate to areas on the same page only ? Named Anchors – or how to jump within one and the same page The feature "Named Anchors" can be used to jump around within one and the same page (file) just like you're used to do with regular links. Using the one can jump to these anchors. How to use Named Anchors A life example can be found on several pages on WeetHet. Maybe you can recall page overviews, where you can click... [Read More...]

Maths and programming

Well This may sound little bit silly but cartesian plane which we need to be good at cartesian plane to learn some good programming Yes i know you might be wondering we learned this when we were 13-14 in mathematics but why do we need to learn it for programming ? Well the answer is the cartesian plane is also widely used in programming take example for instance for drawing a line we need to tell x and y cordinates dont we have to ? And another... [Read More...]

Absolute and Relative path for beginners

When you're creating links to documents and images on the Web, you need to think about how you're going to link to them. There are two standard ways to create links: •absolute paths •relative paths Absolute Path URLs Absolute paths are called that because they refer to the very specific location, including the domain name. The absolute path to a Web element is also often referred to as the URL. For example, the absolute path to this... [Read More...]

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