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jQuery – Two Intro Video Tutorials

Thanks goes to Saurabh Vyas being a contributing author of this post. jQuery is the most popular javascript library. jQuery's syntax is designed to simplify navigating a document, selecting DOM elements, creating animations, handling events, and developing Ajax applications. Here is an excellent short 18-minute introductory video on jquery. This is a very basic introduction to including jQuery on your web page and getting started writing a... [Read More...]

jquery slider

In This tutorial we are going to learn how to make a cool looking slide effect using jQuery that will really make our images pop. The Live Demo Click HERE to see the full working demo. October 20th, 2010 in JQuery Tutorials by Lee Grant jQuery Slide Effect2 Votes, Rating: 5.00 Loading …0diggs digg4 Share About The Author: Lee GrantLee has a passion for all things design and web related and spends his days working as a full time web... [Read More...]

Disable copy with javascript

Thanks to for this great article. Original article link – Web novices often believe that by blocking their visitors use of the right mouse button that they can prevent the theft of their web page content. Nothing could be further from the truth as there are so many ways to bypass the "no right click script" that the only effects that such a script has is to annoy those of... [Read More...]

35 Excellent Javascript Tutorials at

Just found a wonderful set of free online Javascript tutorials at They seem to cover most of the important topics in a clear, easy-to-understand manner.  Read More →

Javascript Video Tutorials

Here are the best rated video tutorials for Javascript.  If you know of any others that should be included in this list, please leave a comment. photo credit: jm3 Douglas Crockford: "The JavaScript Programming Language – 4 part series Part 1 of 4 31 min Covers history, language, advanced features, platforms, standards, and style. The powerpoint presentation can be downloaded from here. Part 2 of 4: 31 min Part 3 of 4: 29 min Part 4... [Read More...]

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