Java Video Tutorials – 146 Hours

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Tips for programmers

I have started this article for some tips for programmer . Note: This article is anyone who is using any programming language #Tip-1 If you are a programmer then many times you will face majour problems and bugs in your applications like access is denied , the file is being used, you dont have permissions to do this task,abc.dll is required to work your program and things related to security which block your program. In these cases dont give up go... [Read More...]

Maths and programming

Well This may sound little bit silly but cartesian plane which we need to be good at cartesian plane to learn some good programming Yes i know you might be wondering we learned this when we were 13-14 in mathematics but why do we need to learn it for programming ? Well the answer is the cartesian plane is also widely used in programming take example for instance for drawing a line we need to tell x and y cordinates dont we have to ? And another... [Read More...]

Getting Started with Java – Highest Ranking Free Video Tutorials

Here are two sets of video tutorials on Java. They provide a good introduction to Java – from installing the Java Development Kit to using object oriented programming techniques. The first set was produced by Curtis Fonger, a MIT student. This set of videos uses EasyEclipse with Java. The videos are produced in Adobe Flash, and can be viewed by clicking here. Here is the second set of video tutorials on Java. You can click on the headings to... [Read More...]

What is Java? A Visual Definition

By: Wade Harvey Historical Origins In 1991, Sun Microsystems created a research project that was code named Green. The project's purpose was to create a language that could run intelligent consumer electronic devices (set top boxes). The project resulted in an object-oriented (C- and C++ based) language that it's creator, James Gosling, called Oak. He called it Oak after an oak tree outside his office window. It turned out that there... [Read More...]

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