Perl Video Tutorial – 2 – Hello World

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Perl Video Tutorial – 1 – Installing ActivePerl 5.8.8

This series of programming video tutorials will demonstrate how to use Perl. Here are just a few topics to be included in future videos: perl array, perl hash, perl tutorial, perl command, perl example, perl variable, perl output, perl write. Perl is a hybrid of C and Unix scripting languages. In this first video, we will look at how to install ActivePerl. We will create a Hello World console application to test the installation. Please click on the... [Read More...]

Introduction to Perl – Best Rated Videos

Here are some of the best rated video introductions and tutorials on Perl. If you know of any others that should be added to the list, please leave a comment. Introduction to Perl: The friendly programming language 33 min – Jun 3, 2006 Adam Trickett gives a short talk introducing the perl scripting / programming language. This talk does not require any previous knowledge … all » of perl, and focuses on the community resources available... [Read More...]

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