Ruby on Rails Video Training Tutorials – 26 Hours of Ruby on Rails Tutorials

Premium (Not Free) Video Tutorials Videos A-B .NET - 227 hrs 2D Animation - 73 hrs 3D Animation - 507 hrs 3D Dynamics - 177 hrs 3D Lighting - 55 hrs 3d Modeling - 1169 hrs 3D Rendering - 496 hrs 3D Rigging - 475 hrs 3D Scripting - 51 hrs 3D Sculpting - 361 hrs 3D Texturing - 267 hrs Adobe - 61 hrs Amazon Web Services - 18 hrs Android - 74 hrs AOP - 3 hrs Architecture - 120 hrs ASP.NET - 294 hrs Beginner... [Read More...]

Create Your Own Twitter Clone with Ruby on Rails

Creating a Twitter Clone with Ruby on Rails Creating a Twitter Clone is easy. See for details on how to create a Twitter Clone with Ruby on Rails. Now that we have a backbone to our ‘Flitter’ application, we learn how to create the front end and tie it all together. In this screencast, I cover a lot of CSS and getting your site to look good. I apologize for it lasting 1 hour, but I decided it’s better... [Read More...]

Introduction to Ruby on Rails – Best Rated Free Video Tutorials

Here are some of the best rated free video tutorials on Ruby on Rails. You can view a number of excellent screencasts at and there are several more listed below. If you know of others that should be included, please leave a comment. Ruby on Rails Screencast 1 – David Heinemeier Hansson 35 min – Jan 13, 2007 This screencast is a pair programming session between David Heinemeier Hansson and Miles K. Forrest (fullsize... [Read More...]

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