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All The things that you can do with css3

Here is a list of 20 very useful css tutorial by speckboy   20 Very Useful CSS3 Tutorials 1.Rounded Corner Boxes the CSS3 Way   2.Attribute Selection in CSS3   3.CSS3 Transparency: The Opacity Property (from   3.Liquid faux columns with background-size the CSS3 way   4.Introducing the CSS3 Multi-Column Module   5.CSS3 Opacity (from   6.CSS3 Text-Wrapping   7.CSS3... [Read More...]

Free phpmotion Templates

Hi There ! You might be searching for a phpmotion or a clipbucket template or theme . We have recently started a new service called Orange-Templates And we are thinking of including phpmotion and clipbucket support also If you want us to edit your theme . It is very simple Just read the policy here and let us know what you want via comment. If you are planning to customise the default look of your site it can be any site (wordpress,joomla,phpmotion,clipbucket... [Read More...]

Orange-Dark Template from idealprogrammer

I recently released another free template called Orange-Dark. As always this theme is not available for download but more that that . we can render this theme according do you just reply here and sign up at and tell us about how and what things to change according to your needs in forums .   Here is the live demo – And here is the screenshot -        Read More →

Count number of words using

  In this short tutorial I will show you how can we calculate the number of words in a string . The string can be a string from inputbox or textbox or any string . It is  useful because we may need to count the number of words a user may enter. We have a function in .net called string.split. Returns a string array that contains the substrings in this instance that are delimited by elements of a specified Unicode character array. code     Dim... [Read More...]

tips for making a professional ppt

Here are some Tips and Tricks for making a professional powerpoint presentation. 1. If dont find any good powerpoint template for all you slides . It is recommended that you make your own powerpoint template and apply it to all slides. 2. Make use of transparency . It is always good to use transparent images in your powerpoint slide. 3. Embed videos and other objects like charts to enhance your powerpoint Presentation. 4. If you want to make a presentation... [Read More...]

programming windows phone 7 for beginners

 If you want to lean programming windows phone 7 . A new video series has been developed by Bob Tabor  and Clint Rutkas which is basically for the beginners.   You can see the video series for free by visiting this page >>>      Read More →

How to insert flash in

This article shows you how to embed/insert flash in your applications How to link Micromedia Flash File in VB.Net   First of all create Flash MX file with extension .swf  Now create a new project in Right click on the tool box. Select “Add/Remove Items". Select “COM Components” Select “Shockwave Flash Object”. Click OK. Then you can see the Shockwave Flash Object in the tool bar. Drag... [Read More...]

change windows wallpaper using

Also see this video Want to change windows wallpaper using There are 2 ways :- 1st way is by Steps you will do. •Start visual studio 2005 and create a new window project. •Set the following properties of the form Text = "Set Wallpaper" Size = “1024,750” •Now drip a picture box control on the form and set its following properties. Size = “1024,725” Sizemode = ”centerimage” •Drop a two button controls... [Read More...]

Beginning css

Do you want to learn css ? I am assuming you already know html and learning html is important for learning css . From where to start ? First you might ask what is css ? css is basically a language which is used to control the look and presentation of the html content or webpage. we first write the basic content like parragraphs,headings etc and then we use css to design them . You might also ask so why do we need 2 different languages for webpages... [Read More...]

Update : Idealprogrammer forums

We are upgrading idealprogrammer forums so please be patient . Please check back the idealprogrammer forums to see the new look and features. If you want to suggest something please contact us email : or  Read More →

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