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1. mCube


Download : http://www.templateworld.com/freetemplates/zero/track.php?id=58&flag=2

2. CoolBlue

Download: http://www.styleshout.com/hits.php?type=tmp&id=31&url=templates/downloads/CoolBlue10.zip&PHPSESSID=b2ac61b7d0372f1683d9d45a0bd737f8

3. Jungleland

Download : http://www.styleshout.com/hits.php?type=tmp&id=30&url=templates/downloads/Jungleland10.zip&PHPSESSID=b2ac61b7d0372f1683d9d45a0bd737f8

4. LawyerAttorney

Download : http://www.styleshout.com/hits.php?type=tmp&id=31&url=templates/downloads/CoolBlue10.zip&PHPSESSID=b2ac61b7d0372f1683d9d45a0bd737f8

16. Minimal Design Template


Download : http://www.tuttoaster.com/code-up-an-awesome-minimal-web-design-from-psd-to-xhtml-css/

iPhone App


Download: http://www.csstemplatesfree.org/iphone-app.html

Also check this blog post here for more designs : http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/60-high-quality-free-web-templates-and-layouts/

If you have any suggestions and comments use idealprogrammer fourms.

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