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Getting Started
scripting automation tools green check Step 1: Download and install TortoiseSVN from (IdealAutomate uses Subversion as the source code repository so you need to download TortoiseSVN. TortoiseSVN is a free windows explorer tool that allows you download source code from the web into any folder on your hard drive.)
green check scripting automation tools Step 2: Use Windows Explorer to create directory c:\SVNIA
green check scripting automation tools Step 3: Open c:\SVNIA directory in windows explorer and right-click anywhere in the empty folder.

Select SVN Checkout and enter URL of repository as:

green check scripting automation tools Step 4: When checkout is complete use Visual Studio to open this solution file: C:\SVNIA\trunk\IdealAutomate\IdealAutomate.sln
windows scripting green check Step 5: Right-click on project (not the solution) in solution explorer, select publish, and click finish. Important Note: IdealAutomate requires that SqlExpress 2008 or greater be installed and running on your machine. If SqlExpress is not installed, you need to download it. If it is installed but not running, you can start it by clicking on Windows Start>Control Panel>All Control Panel Items>Administrative Tools>Services> Then, right-click on SqlServer(SQLExpress) and select start.
green check windows scripting Step 6: Click on the setup.exe to install, and when the application opens right-click on the green up arrow in the taskbar and select pin icon to taskbar.
task automation Step 7: Use Windows Explorer to copy C:\SVNIA\trunk\ to the custom projects templates folder for your version of Visual Studio. The custom project templates folder is located at: \My Documents\Visual Studio 2013\Templates\ProjectTemplates\ – substitute the version of Visual Studio that you are using for 2013. You do not need to unzip the file.
application launcher Step 8: Use Visual Studio to open this solution file: C:\SVNIA\trunk\CreateNewVSProjectForScript\CreateNewVSProjectForScript.sln
application launcher Step 9: Run the application in Visual Studio. This application automates the process of creating a new project that uses IdealAutomateCoreTemplate as the project template. When the popup for the project name appears, enter TestAutomatedSearch. Once the project is created, remove lines 36-51 (those are the lines that go from displaying Step 1 to the line that says goto myExit) in MainWindow.xaml.cs and run the app in Visual Studio debugger. After seeing the automated search script run, leave visual studio open for the TestAutomatedSearch project because in the next two steps, we are going to copy the executable for this script to the IdealAutomate menu application.
application launcher Step 10: Use Visual Studio to open this solution file: C:\SVNIA\trunk\CopyVSExecutableToIdealAutomate\CopyVSExecToIA.sln
application launcher Step 11: Use Visual Studio's debugger to run CopyVSExecToIA.sln. This script automates the process of copying the executable of a script to the IdealAutomate menu program.

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