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Twelve Free C# Video Tutorials

Special thanks to Saurabh Vyas for being the contributing author for this post.

These videos are from www.thebestcsharpprogrammerintheworld.com

Here are twelve excellent .

Title Date Presenter Min
Lesson 1 (Part 1) Gridview DataAccess C# 8/20/2009 Ben Perkins 7
Lesson 2 (Part 1) Gridview MethodInvoker Threading Progress Bar C# 8/26/2009 Ben Perkins 9
Lesson 3 (Part 1) Disconnected DataSet DataAdapter Windows Form C# 9/2/2009 Ben Perkins 10
Lesson 4 (Part 1) Gridview AJAX Validators ASP.NET C# 9/25/2009 Ben Perkins 9
Lesson 5 (Part 1) C# Class, Stored Procedure, Child Gridview, List T, ASP.NET, C# 9/25/2009 Ben Perkins 9
Lesson 6 (Part 1) – Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation using C# 10/24/2009 Ben Perkins 10
Lesson 7 (Part 1) – Events, Delegates, Stack and Heap in C# 12/27/2009 Ben Perkins 10
Lesson 8 (Part 1) – Create a WCF using C#, consume from Windows Form and ASP.NET 3/24/2010 Ben Perkins 10
Lesson 9 (Part 1) – Implement NHibernate using C#, Windows Form and dataGridView 7/29/2010 Ben Perkins 8
Lesson 10 (Part 1) – ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, jqGrid and NHibernate 7/29/2010 Ben Perkins 8
Lesson 11 (Part 1) – LINQ to NHibernate, jqGrid SubGrid and MVC 12/3/2010 Ben Perkins 7
Lesson 12 (Part 1) – Localize WPF and ASP.NET using C# and XAML 2/1/2011 Ben Perkins 9
    Total 106

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