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WrapSQLInQuotesForCS wraps T-SQL in quotes so you can easily put it in C-Sharp code. When you run the application, it opens notepad. You paste your raw sql into notepad and save it. When you click okay on the dialog popup, it wraps your sql in quotes so that you can easily paste it into your C-Sharp project.

Steps to use:
1. Get Latest source for WrapSQLInQuotesForCS at https://github.com/harvey007y/WrapSQLInQuotesForCS
2. Build and Run WrapSQLInQuotesForCS
3. A dialog box will appear that allows tells you to put your sql in notepad, save it, and click okay.

Select Server that sql server runs on

Select Server that sql server runs on

4. Here the notepad page that will appear after you click okay in the red dialog box:

Select Server that sql server runs on

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