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Here are a few things you need to understand when working with threads:

  • Threads are  light-weight processes that make multitasking within a single application possible.
  • is the base class used for threading
  • Programmers don't have to manage any threads explicitly – Threads are managed under the Common Language Runtime.
  • When using threading with the combination of components, it is a good idea to use explicit definition and management of the thread.
  • Threads are used in situations where you want to perform more then one task at a time.
  • In the case of Synchronization, you may have to restrict the access to the resource to one thread at a time because you have limited amount of resourses, . In this situation, you may implement locking on the threading to over come the scenarios.
  • An apartment is a logical container within a process and is used for objects that shares the same thread-access requirement. Objects in the apartment can all receive method call from any object in any thread in the apartment. A managed object (object created within CLR) is responsible for thread safety.
  • Threads can be used in situations where we must wait for an event such as user input, a read from file, or receipt of data over the network. Freeing the memory to turn it a safe, and it makes our program to appear to run more quickly.

.NET Framework Threading

Series Title Date Presenter Min
.NET Framework Threading Threading Concepts 1/1/2003 Bob Tabor 7
.NET Framework Threading A Simple Threading Application Example 1/1/2003 Bob Tabor 7
.NET Framework Threading A More Complex Threading Application Example 1/1/2003 Bob Tabor 17
.NET Framework Threading Working with a Threads Lifecycle 1/1/2003 Bob Tabor 9
.NET Framework Threading Debugging Threaded Applications 1/1/2003 Bob Tabor 9

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