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Yes that's right you can actually learn vb.net in 24 hours. No matter you migrated from another language or you are an absolute beginner.

Here are some vb books recommended for you


vb.net is the most popular language used by users all over the world. It is simple too.

Here are some of the pages which are highly recommended for you to learn vb.net in 24 hours.

Note: You have to choose only one link not all.

Tip for learning vb.net

Always learn programming fundamentals like what is an function,procedure,subroutine,variable,array,datatypes,events,classes and Objects because these are common in all languages not only vb.net.

If you do these basic terms you can  master vb.net from any of the sites and then you can watch .net videos. That's what idealprogrammer.com is about .

Idealprogrammer.tv also has a wide variety of programming videos.

SO let's get started . Think that you can can do vb.net . It is simple . No kidding no Sweating !!

Programming a computer is much like teaching a child to tigh shoe laces .

And remember you can do anything after you know how to program it .

Home and learn is the most recommended site .

click Here to go there  But  wait wo wo wo ! Not so fast.

2.) Here is a free book from wikibooks on vb.net


if you are an absolute beginner to vb.net continue reading .

vb.net is basically an object oriented programming .

Now This means that you can create your own classes and objects and also there are thousands of predefined classes in vb.net .

Here is an excellent post from idealprogrammer . It will explain you what are classes so easily that you cant imagine .


After you know what are classes and objects. Just dont think too much you will understand all these concepts when you start coding and learning vb.net.

Vb.net is totally different from vb6 or older version because notice the .net words after vb . It means that from vb version 6 microsoft decided to create a new version of vb which is totally different from vb6 and previous versions.

vb.net is powered by .net framework . Just for now think that all predefined functions and classes in vb.net are provided by the .net framework.

If you dont get it .

Here is one of my threads of last year >> http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/vbgeneral/thread/3f66fcab-a32d-4b3c-a0e9-b7789242e80e

Now you know what is .net framework if still not dont hesitate to ask at idealprogrammer forums .

Now after that there are other languages which are also powered by .net frameowork like c#,asp.net,xaml and many more.

As i told there are many predefined classes in vb.net . But you have to choose only that one that helps you in achieving what you are trying to do .

So this means that you first need to make a rough sketch or write some points about your programme and what you want to do . This is called algorithum i guess.

Now after you have done all this.

You need to follow this order to learn vb.net topics.

Remember order is important.

First learn about vb.net . Like about toolbars,menu and it's environment .

Next comes the coding part . you need to learn basic concepts that i told like data types etc

So now comes the time to visit this page >>>


And dont forget to support our sites and also there are many video tutorials here . So please choose the correct one and if you have any problems ask in idealprogrammer forums . Thanks!!

 vb.net video series

Here is a free  video series

And also please check idealprogrammer.tv for more video tutorials .

VB.NET Tutorial Index

1. Introduction
2. Hello World
3. Variables
4. If Statements
5. Math Functions
6. Form Properties
7. The Progress Bar
8. The Listbox
9. The Radio Button And The CheckBox
10. The Menu Strip
11. Linking Forms
12. Log In Form
13. Text To Speech
14. Splash Screen
15. For Loop
16. Do While
17. Do Until
18. Subs
19. Functions
20. Advanced MessageBox
21. Conditional Operators
22. Logical Operators
23. Timers
24. Sending An Email
25. Emailing Application
26. FTP Upload
27. FTP Application
28. ByVal and ByRef
30. Download and Run File
31. Web Browser
32. Application Settings
33. Using Settings
34. Auto Typer
35. Arrays
36. Splitting Strings
37. Computer Information
38. Try Catch
39. Web Page Source Code
40. Application Updater
41. Website Login
42. Reading Text Files
43. Saving Text Files
44. OpenFileDialog
45. SaveFileDialog
46. Special Folders
47. Get Elements By Tag Name
48. Get All HTML Elements
49. Click Button Without ID
50. Write To Online Text File
51. HttpWebRequest POST Method
52. HttpWebRequest CookieContainer
53. MultiThreading
54. Regex
55. Modules


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