Pdf reader in vb.net

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Do you want to create an application that can read pdf files ?

Well you have a way by which you can do this .

There is A COM component which will allow you to do this task very asily .

Please see this about.com article which shows you how to do this task -http://visualbasic.about.com/od/quicktips/qt/disppdf.htm

Also it is recommended that you watch this video also .

Credit for this video goes to Roylyn Andrews

You can view the code online – http://unknownuserace000.webs.com/VBNET_SpecialPDF_Reader_RoylynAndrews.html

Suggestions are comments are welcome .

And Yes 1 more thing you can also take a look at adobe reader's softare developmet kit at their website and their API's

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One Response to “Pdf reader in vb.net”
  1. katirefa says:

    how to insert pdf file into mysql databse and preview pdf file from mysql with vb.net ?

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