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I recently went to a vb competition and i was surprised to see complex questions can also be solved and done using vb 6 and vb.net .

How to solve core arithmetical and logical questions ?

If you have a good knowledge of linear equations in mathematics , you can easily form the equation using variables and show the results.

Some of the questions were :-

Like we need to enter any 2 members to make the following pattern .

For example if we entered the first number as 2 and second number as 5

then pattern is – 32,49,25,6

What will be the pattern if we entered any 2 numbers ?

How to solve this

we have to find the relationship between the numbers of the pattern .

like 32 is 2 * 16 , 49 is 5 + 7 * 5 + 7 , 25 is 5 * 5 and 6 is 5-2 * 2

We see that there is a relationship betwen both numbers 2 and 5 . By this we carefully make the equation using 2 integer variables .

But How will user enter 2 numbers ?

Using inputbox

How will user see results ?


If you can think to form a mathematical equation in your mind while doing such types of questions you can easily do that

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