Update Resources of dll,exe files

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  • Do You want to update the resources which are present inside pe files (.exe,.dll and others) . Well you can use Window's Beginupdateresource, Updateresource and Endupdateresource function which can do this task easily.

    Things you need to know

    • The path of the file whose resources you are updating
    • The language of resource (like english french etc which are represented by a number like 1033 stands for english)
    • The name of the resource (Keep in mind the name of the resource can be both a string value or a number )
    • A new byte array which will contain binary data of any file you need to replace the resource with it can be images etc
    • Remember in resource name if resource name is "12" you cant write 12 . It will be a numerical value but the actual value is 12 so you will need to write that only.

      For all these things(resource name,resource language etc) you can use a wonderful freeware called resource hacker .

      DOWNLOAD- http://www.angusj.com/resourcehacker/

      Now open the file whose resources you need to edit . and go to


      See what you actually want to do

    • update resources
    • Delete resources
  • Now you can use beginupdateresource , updateresource and endupdateresource functions to do your job.

    Remember : If you are replacing or deleting resources of a protected system file in windows vista / 7 . You wil get access is denied error

    How to fix it

    ATM i dont know any way to do this . This is a very complex task

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