How to use images correctly in html

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Webpages are not complete without images ?

But it is important to keep in mind some basic things about images when it comes to designing webpages using images

#Tip1 Never use absolute paths for images because incase that link is dead your webpage will look awful instead use relative paths .

Note: We have done a tutorial on relative and absolute paths

#Tip2 Never resize image using height and width properties of image tag because these attributes do resize the images but first the browser has to load the original image completely then browser resizes them so if the image is large webpage takes time to load . So you can resize them in photo editing tools and then upload them to your website.

#Tip3 Always give descriptions to images incase if your image dosnt work or if some one is facing problems to retrieve big images in mobiles etc they can see the small description (alt attribute)

If you have more tips and suggestions do tell us at idealprogrammer forums !!

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