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If you are deciding to make your own website or a webpage the first step is to create a main content area where we put all the stuff . Often this is body tag . But for making the webpages more attractive we can include many things in css .

First thing is to select a good background color.

Note: That if select the  background-color you may also need to change the color(fore color) so that it can be viewed .

Second thing is to give your body a little margin . Giving margin is a nice idea which makes the webpage look so great .

Third thing is to select an background image which is optional but it enhances your website's background . You can also set the position of your background image by using background-image property .

Note:If you use background image and background color (both) you will still see background color . But if your background-image is too large then you need to resize it to make the background-color visible.

The next thing that comes in is to give the text(default text) a style and font style which can include different fonts , font effects etc.

These are some basic things you should keep in mind to design good webpages .

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