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Looking for free Python video tutorials? Here are some of the best rated Free Python video tutorials. The first two Tkinter lectures just showed how to install Python, which is not too difficult so they are not included in this list. Python can be downloaded at .

Free Python Video Tutorials

First 5 Minutes Programming with Python

3 min – Aug 11, 2007

How do you get started with Python Programming in just 5 Minutes? Here I show you, using Python 2.5 and the bundled IDLE editor, how to start writing your first program and where to go next for help and tutorials.

First we look at's documentation and HOWTO section, then we move to my Python Resources for Newbies video at ShowMeDo to learn about on-line tutorials, newsgroups, news, download and community sites. This video is a part of our Python Collection.

Finally we look at Guido van Rossum's Python Tutorial and use the bundled IDLE editor to write and run a one-line Python program.

Intro to programming with Python and Tkinter lecture3

11 min – Sep 19, 2005

Like all programming books, we kick off with a quick and simple non-hello world application. You will learn: importing Tkinter library, create a simple list, create a window, create a listbox, fill a listbox, parents of widgets, and more.

Intro to Programming with Python and Tkinter lecture4

13 min – Sep 29, 2005

When you press a button, your program will say "hi" You will learn: create a button, create a label, … all » link up a button with specific functions, the concept of functions, indentation of functions, changing the foreground and background of widgets, and more.

Intro to Programming with Python and Tkinter lecture5

9 min – Nov 11, 2005

[WWW] We will program something using other people's code :) Your will learn:How to program large programs, … all » how to borrow other people's code(modules), basic concepts to functions

Intro to programming with Python and Tkinter lecture6

13 min – Feb 19, 2005

[WWW] The needed text is at [WWW] We will learn how to create everything in … all » the Tkinter library, windows, buttons, listbox, entrybox, menus, etc. You will learn:How to create any Tkinter widget, how to make stand alone modules.

Intro to Programming with Python and Tkiner lecture7

11 min 41 sec – Feb 16, 2005

Lecture 7: Now let's make them do something (10min) [WWW] Now that we have learned how to create widgets, … all » we need to tell them to do something. In this lecture we will mainly focus on Entry boxes. We will create an entry box, a button, and a listbox. When we press the button the program will take the name in the entry and put them into the list.

You will learn: insert text into a listbox, get text from Entry box, changing the size of the window, controlling where the window pop up, delete what's inside the entry box, controlling the padding between widgets.

Intro to Programming with Python and Tkinter lecture8

7 min – Jan 17, 2005

Lecture 8: Let's make some decisions (7min) [WWW] Learn how to use the if statements. Having a program that … all » makes decisions for us will make our life much easier and our programs more powerful. In this program you will decide which girl we should go out with on a friday night and which car we should buy. :) You will learn: How to use if statements, examples are provided

Intro to Programming with Python and Tkinter lecture9

11 min 11 sec – Feb 2, 2005

Lecture 9: Let's create a password system(11min) [WWW] Learn how we can use the if statement to create a … all » password system. You will learn: how to focus on a widget, delete and insert text in an entry box, more examples of if else statement

Intro to programming with python and Tkinter lecture10

15 min – Jan 1, 2005

Lecture 10: Photo display Part A(15min) [WWW] Learn how to create a photo display. The concentration of … all » this lecture is about variables. Talk about the basic types of variables such as integer, float, string, and Booleans. Talk about local and global variables. You will learn: The 4 basic different types of variables.(integer, float, string, boolean), learn the concept of global and local variables. How do you find out what type a variable is, when do you use single or double quotes for strings.

Intro to Programming with Python and Tkiner lectuer11

11 min – Feb 1, 2005

Lecture 11: Photo display Part B(9min) [WWW] Actually creating the image viewer. We are going to create … all » what I promised last lecture. You will learn: How to use canvas widget to include a gif image, how to delete an image. A real example of the need for global variables.

Intro to programming with Python and Tkinter lectuer12

9 min – Jan 1, 2005

Lecture 12: Photo display Part C(9min) [WWW] Improving the image viewer we had from the last class. … all » This lecture will start talking about the os library. The 4 types of OS that most people have. You will learn: The 4 types of OS most people use (windows, unix, apple, linux) , How do you find out your OS, How do you list all the files in a specific directory.

Intro to programming with Python and tkinter lecture13

11 min – Jan 1, 2005

Lecture 13: Photo display Part d(9min) [WWW] We start learning about the string library. With these many … all » libraries, you will also learn how to find all the tools inside the library using the IDLE interpreter. In this lecture, I am showing you how to fish.

Intro to programming with Python and Tkinter lectuer14

12 min – Jan 1, 2005

Lecture 14: Photo display Part e(9min) [WWW] You will learn: We learn about for loops and the concept of range function in this lecture

Intro to Programming with python and tkinter lecture15

10 min – Jan 1, 2005

Lecture 15: Photo display Part f(9min) [WWW] We finish up the project by learning about how to position … all » the widgets inside the window and well as how we can create callback functions You will learn: pack functions, position functions, grid functions, and callback functions

Intro to programming with Python and Tkinter – Part 16

11 min – Jan 1, 2005

We are now finally getting into more advanced topics such as … all » reading text files. You can find the source code for this lecture at [WWW]

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