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Do you want to learn css ?

I am assuming you already know html and learning html is important for learning css .

From where to start ?

First you might ask what is css ?

css is basically a language which is used to control the look and presentation of the html content or webpage.

we first write the basic content like parragraphs,headings etc and then we use css to design them .

You might also ask so why do we need 2 different languages for webpages one for basic content (html) and one for presentation(css).

Well for this you may want to know about browser wars .
see here –

After reading that i am sure you will know the answer .

So now that you know 1% about the css . You can learn new things about it but before that you will need

A simple text editor (notepad is recommended but if you use a text editor which highlights the syntaxes will be better)

A latest webbrowser (you can choose any)

And Idealprogrammer forums if you want to discuss about css and other languages also tell us if you are facing any problems while learning css

After this you can see some this website for all css properties but remember do it one by one and if you are facing any problem stop there only and free feel to post your problem in idealprogrammer forums .

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