Google Rankings Case Study – Getting 44 #1 Google Rankings in Two Weeks

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google search engine optimization, increase ranking, google search engine rankingI have been working late nights for the last two weeks. Why? I have been trying out a two week trial of Traffic Geyser software that only cost me one dollar – click on the link earlier in this sentence to take advantage of that offer. TrafficGeyser Gold membership allows one to publish up to 100 videos to 35 video hosting sites each month. I did a on with my two week trial. I have several web sites that I use to sell photographs of city skylines, and that is where I got the products to promote. This post describes the tools that I used and the results.
Creative Commons License photo credit: Marcin Wichary

All the software that I used either came installed on my computer or it was free. I used CamStudio to create the videos. CamStudio is open source and totally free. It works like Camtasia, but does not cost the $300 that Camtasia does. I used Windows Movie Maker to edit the videos. Windows Movie Maker comes free of charge with Windows XP. I used Microsoft Power Point to give an overview of what the video was about and then did a screen-capture of the powerpoint slide with CamStudio. I used the free software that comes with Kodak share to create slide shows of photos I was trying to sell. Then, I did a screen capture of the slide show with CamStudio. Finally, I created the final credits with Windows Movie Maker, and used the description fields for each video to point back to money pages on web sites where the photos are.

The video below summarizes the tools and the results of this project.

Please click on the heading if you want to be able to enlarge the video to full-screen.

Case Study: Google Rankings – Got 44 #1 Rankings in Two Weeks

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