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Here is a collection of over 3 hours of premium video tutorials on ADO.NET by Learn Visual Studio. In order to view the videos, you need to become a member of Learn Visual Studio.

Background: ADO.NET is an outgrowth of ADO () technology. ADO relied on COM objects whereas ADO.NET is based on the .NET Framework. ADO.NET does not replace ADO for the COM programmer; rather, it provides the .NET programmer with access to relational data sources, XML, and application data.

Purpose: ADO.NET is used to access data and data services. The data is usually a relational database, but it does not have to be.

Architecture: ADO.NET is part of the Base Class Library. ADO.NET consists of two parts:

  • Data providers provide access to the data source. The data source can be: SQL Server, Oracle, or OLEDB (ex. Access). Each data source has its own set of provider objects, but they all include these common utility classes:

  • Connection – Provides a connection to the datasoure. It is like a phone line that connects the application to the database.
  • Command – Command is used to perform some action (add, update, delete, select, etc.) on the database.
  • Parameter – This is a variable in the command.
  • DataAdapter – The data adapter provides a bridge between the data source object and the data set object.
  • DataReader – Allows you to access records sequentially, one record at a time.
  • DataSets represent in-memory relational databases. Datasets represent a schema that can contain one or more tables and the relationships between the tables.

    • DataTable represents a single data table that is made up of rows and columns.
    • DataView is an overlay for a datatable that can contain a sort and a filter.
    • DataRelation is a relation between tables.
    • Constraint describes an enforced property of the database.

    A DataSet is populated from a database by a DataAdapter whose Connection and Command properties have been specified. A DataSet can save its contents to XML, or populate itself from XML, making it very useful for web services and distributed computing.


    Series Title Date Presenter Min
    ADO.NET SQL Data Connection Object 1/1/2003 Bob Tabor 12
    ADO.NET SQL Data Command Object 1/1/2003 Bob Tabor 17
    ADO.NET Using the Data Command's Parameter Collection 1/1/2003 Bob Tabor 13
    ADO.NET Sql DataReader Object 1/1/2003 Bob Tabor 10
    ADO.NET SqlDataAdapter 1/1/2003 Bob Tabor 21
    ADO.NET Dataset Concepts 1/1/2003 Bob Tabor 15
    ADO.NET Strongly Typed Datasets via DataAdapter 1/1/2003 Bob Tabor 8
    ADO.NET Strongly Typed Datasets via XML Schema Designer 1/1/2003 Bob Tabor 6
    ADO.NET Creating Untyped Datasets at Runtime 1/1/2003 Bob Tabor 8
    ADO.NET Creating Untyped Datasets using VS.NET Editors 1/1/2003 Bob Tabor 9
    ADO.NET Using Access in ADO.NET 1/1/2003 Bob Tabor 8
    ADO.NET Understanding Concurrency 1/1/2003 Bob Tabor 14
    ADO.NET Optimistic Concurrency 1/1/2003 Bob Tabor 11
    ADO.NET A "Home Grown" Pessimistic Concurrency Example 1/1/2003 Bob Tabor 15
    ADO.NET Pessimistic Concurrency Using Transactions 1/1/2003 Bob Tabor 15
    ADO.NET ADO.NET Connection Pooling 1/1/2003 Bob Tabor 6
    ADO.NET ADO.NET DataView 1/1/2003 Bob Tabor 7
    ADO.NET Persisting a Dataset to XML 1/1/2003 Bob Tabor 6
    ADO.NET Optimizing DataReader Data Access 1/1/2003 Bob Tabor 6
    ADO.NET Understanding DataRow States and Versions 1/1/2003 Bob Tabor 8
    ADO.NET DataColumns.Expression 1/1/2003 Bob Tabor 7
          Total 222


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    1. magnate says:


      i am a learner for i want to develop my own that actually connected with xml (dtd & xsl files). means out put of the asp is xml when we publish the data which actually added in the application.

      please mail me for the if you want to need the same dtd or xsl file

      thanks in advance.

      Magnate W.

    2. Eliz says:

      Do NOT waste you money with After over 1 1/2 years, Bob has yet to deliver the new videos promised or the new design of his site. Questions posed in the forums go unanswered and the project seems to be all but abandoned. Only the site left up to steal money from those looking to learn, but finding nothing, but empty pockets.

    3. shravan says:

      i want free of cost links for laerning

    4. Mbonga says:

      thaks for this maybe I will try those later

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