ADO NET Tutorial: (25 Hours) ADO.NET Step By Step Video Tutorial

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Microsoft's Lindsay Rutter and Glen Gordon present 25 hours of data access fundamentals for dotNET programmers. Here are just a few of the topics covered in this video series: , , , ado net dataset, ado provider, and more.
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ADO.NET Step By Step


1. Getting Started
Key Concepts:

A. Overview of ADO.NET, the data-access component of the Microsoft .NET Framework
B. How ADO.NET works with almost any component on nearly every platform that understands XML.

5/9/2007 Duration: 63 minutes

2. Creating Connections
Key Concepts:

A. Creating Connections
B. Connection Properites
C. Methods for manipulating connections
D. Handling events raised by connections

5/16/2007 Duration: 53 minutes

3. Data Commands and Data Reader
Key Concepts:

A. DataReaderallows one to retrieve recordsets from databases
B. How to manipulate the data with commands (Select, Update, Delete, Insert)

5/23/2007 Duration: 65 minutes

4. The Data Adapter
Key Concepts:

A. How the DataAdapter facilitates the communication between the DataSet and the database. B. How the DataSet provides methods to select, insert, update, and delete data

5/30/2007 Duration: 64 minutes

5. Transaction Processing
Key Concepts:

A. Create a transaction
B. Create a nested transaction
C. Commit transactions
D. Rollback transactions

6/06/07 Duration: 53 minutes

6. Modeling a Database using Datasets and DataRelations
Key Concepts:

A. Create DataSets
B. Add DataTables and DataRelations to DataSets
C. How to clone and copy DataSets.

6/13/2007 Duration: 57 minutes

7. Using DataTables
Key Concepts:

A. Structure of DataTables
B. Properties of DataTables
C. Methods of DataTables.

6/20/2007 Duration: 58 minutes

8. Using TableAdapters
Key Concepts:

A. How to build a TableAdapter class and a TableAdapter object, and how to configure them.

6/27/2007 Duration: 59 minutes

9. Using Dataviews
Key Concepts:

A. How the DataView can help you filter and sort DataRows at design time
B. How you can add a DataView to a form

7/05/2007 Duration: 55 minutes

10. Editing and Updating Data
Key Concepts:

A. Editing and updating data using DataViews, TableAdapters, DataTables, and DataSets.

7/11/2007 Duration: 65 minutes

11. Data-Binding in Windows Forms with the BindingSource Class
Key Concepts:

A. Bind data to your Windows Forms
B. How to bind controls to ADO.NET data sources.
C.BindingSource class, new in ADO.NET version 2.0, which acts as an intermediary between a data source and Windows Forms controls to simplify and extend the data-binding process.

7/18/2007 Duration: 66 minutes

12. Using ADO.NET in Windows Forms
Key Concepts:

A. Binding data to format it
B. Displaying bound data
C. Data-Binding events

7/25/2007 Duration: 63 minutes

13. Basic Data Binding in Web Forms using the Data Source Component
Key Concepts:

A. Binding data in Microsoft ASP.NET and Web Forms with ADO.NET objects
B. Data source controls, new to the Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0, that enable data binding with very little code.

8/1/2007 Duration: 65 minutes

14. Data-Bound and Validation Controls
Key Concepts:

A. The data-bound Web Form controls that are designed to work with the Microsoft .NET version 2.0 data source controls that also work with ADO.NET objects.

8/08/2007 Duration: 63 minutes

15. Reading and Writing XML and the XMLDataDocument
Key Concepts:

A. Interaction between ADO.NET and XML.
B. Structure of an XML schema and the DataSet methods that enable us to read and write data from an XML data stream.
C. The XmlDataDocument that provides an XML view of the data in a DataSet.

9/05/2007 Duration: 70 minutes

16. Using ADO and ADOX in the .Net Framework
Key Concepts:

A. Some real-world uses of ADO.NET.
B. How you can work with data objects created with previous versions of ActiveX Data Objects (ADO)
C. Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects Extensions for Data Definition Language (DDL) and Security (ADOX) library.

8/22/2007 Duration: 55 minutes


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