Anders Hejlsberg – C-Sharp – Anders Hejlsberg Chief Architect (5 Hours of Video)

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Anders Hejlsberg – C-Sharp – Anders Hejlsberg Chief Architect (5 Hours of Video)

Anders HejlsbergNeed some inspiration? The first video on .NET programming that I can remember watching featured Anders Hejlsberg.

is the C# Chief Architect for Microsoft. He has a very charming personality and a real talent at finding simple ways to perform complicated tasks. If you are looking for someone that possesses many of the characteristics of what the "ideal" for a programmer should be, Anders Hejlsberg is a good person to try to emulate.

Before joining Microsoft in 1996, Hejlsberg was the original author of Turbo Pascal, a revolutionary integrated development environment, and chief architect of its successor, .

Here is a collection of 9 videos that feature Anders Hejlsberg. My hope is that these videos will help to inspire all of us to be the best that we can be.

Note: If you get "media failure" when attempting to play the video online, try downloading it to your computer and it should work okay.


Anders Hejlsberg


Num Series Title Date Presenter Min
419 Anders Hejlsberg Life and Times of Anders Hejlsberg 2/1/2006 Anders Hejlsberg 59
420 Anders Hejlsberg Anders Hejlsberg – Tour through computing industry history at the Microsoft Museum 6/14/2006 Anders Hejlsberg 7
421 Anders Hejlsberg Anders Hejlsberg – What s so great about generics? 6/15/2006 Anders Hejlsberg 2
422 Anders Hejlsberg Anders Hejlsberg – Programming data in C# 3.0 6/14/2006 Anders Hejlsberg 2
423 Anders Hejlsberg Anders Hejlsberg – What brought about the birth of the CLR? 6/21/2006 Anders Hejlsberg 2
424 Anders Hejlsberg Anders Hejlsberg – More C# Talk from C# s Architect (Happy Birthday Video #3) 4/5/2005 Anders Hejlsberg 17
425 Anders Hejlsberg Anders Hejlsberg – LINQ 9/13/2005 Anders Hejlsberg 60
426 Anders Hejlsberg Outstanding Technical Achievement: C# Team 4/6/2007 Anders Hejlsberg 40
427 Anders Hejlsberg The Future of C# 4/6/2007 Anders Hejlsberg 71
428 Anders Hejlsberg Whiteboard with Anders Hejlsberg 7/28/2004 Anders Hejlsberg 85
        Total 345


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