ASP.NET Security (3 Hours) – Authentication,Membership, and Login Controls

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Here are over 3 hours of security video tutorials. The tutorials are from the ASP.NET web site, and the presenter is Joe Stagner. In these tutorials, you will learn about the , login controls, , and membership.


ASP.NET Security


Num Series Title Date Presenter Min
298 Authentication Using Basic Forms Authentication in ASP.NET 7/16/2008 Joe Stagner 23
299 Authentication How to Change the Forms Authentication Properties 7/16/2008 Joe Stagner 7
300 Authentication How to Setup and Use Cookie-less Authentication in an ASP.NET Application 7/16/2008 Joe Stagner 4
301 Authentication ASP Forms Login Relocation 7/16/2008 Joe Stagner 5
302 Authentication Forms Login Custom Key Configuration 7/16/2008 Joe Stagner 8
303 Authentication Add Custom Data to the Authentication Method 7/16/2008 Joe Stagner 15
304 Authentication Use Custom Principal Objects 7/16/2008 Joe Stagner 23
305 Authentication Understanding ASP.NET Memberships 7/16/2008 Joe Stagner 23
306 Authentication Configuring SQL To Work with Membership Schemas 8/4/2008 Joe Stagner 19
307 Authentication Changing Membership Settings in the Default Membership Schema 8/4/2008 Joe Stagner 10
308 Authentication Creating User Accounts with the Create User Wizard 8/22/2008 Joe Stagner 10
309 Authentication Creating User Accounts Programmatically 8/22/2008 Joe Stagner 20
310 Authentication Validating Users Manually 8/22/2008 Joe Stagner 13
311 Authentication Validating Users with the Login Control 8/22/2008 Joe Stagner 5
        Total 185


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3 Responses to “ASP.NET Security (3 Hours) – Authentication,Membership, and Login Controls”
  1. Tom says:

    Great Videos on ASP .Net Security. I am just getting started with ASP .Net and I would like to download the completed project that you stated could be done in the first video of the security series. I have searched this site and I have not been able to find the supporting project. Can you tell me where I can find it.


  2. JinzUtAReZ says:

    error pages????

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