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This is a brief post on C++ programming that is meant to serve the same function that a movie trailer does. The idea is to allow everyone that does a search on YouTube or Google Video, etc. to find this Catalog of 19 Video Tutorials on C++ – please click the previous link to go the article that contains the videos now.

Here is the brief 2-minute movie trailer that summarizes the tutorials:

The first set of is from reconnetworks.com, and provides a great introduction to C++. The next set of is from Stanford University. Finally, the last lecture is from the original designer of C++ programming language – Dr. Bjarne Stroustrup.

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2 Responses to “C++ – Summary of 19 Video Programming Video Tutorials from Stanford & Elsewhere”
  1. Matt Weiss says:

    Want to view the 19 vide tutorials

  2. mth2014 says:

    Very confusing site. Where is the summary? Why can't I download the video's?

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