Essential ASP.NET: (15 Hours) ASP NET Grid, AJAX Grid, ASP.NET Training, ASP NET Reporting, Grid Component

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ASP NET Grid, AJAX Grid, ASP.NET Training, ASP NET Reporting, Grid Component
Here is a free 15-hour video tutorial series entitled "Essential ASP.NET" by Fritz Onion. Here are just a few of the topics covered: ASP NET Grid, AJAX Grid, , ASP NET Reporting, Grid Component.

Fritz Onion is a co-founder of Pluralsight. He focuses on Web development using Microsoft . He is the author of the book "Essential ASP.NET," available in both Microsoft Visual C# and Microsoft .NET editions.

Although many of the topics in this series are similar to Bill Steele's ASP Soup to Nuts Series, Fritz puts a different spin on them, and I have learned a lot by watching both series.

Essential ASP.NET


1. Introduction to ASP.NET 2.0 Slides Lab used as Demo Lab
Key Concepts:A. Differences between ASP.NET 2.0 and Microsoft ASP.NET 1.1.
B. Overview for the rest of the lectures
C. Master pages
D. Themes
E. Membership
F. Profile
G. Declarative data binding

August 4, 2005 – 68 minutes

2. Architecture Slides Demos Lab
Key Concepts:A. Fundamental architecture of Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0.
B. Page compilation
C. Assembly loading
D. Code behind
E. Shadow copying
F. Changes in the compilation model from Microsoft ASP.NET 1.1, primarily the use of partial classes in .aspx parsing.

August 11, 2005 – 64 minutes

3. Master Pages, Themes, and Skins Slides Demos Lab
Key Concepts:A. Two significant user interface features of Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0: master pages and themes
B. Master pages give you a flexible way of defining templates for your site
C. Master pages make it easy for you to change the look and feel of entire sets of pages from a single source.
D. Themes provide a way to consolidate user interface features like style sheets, images and control styles in a single location, and simplify the process of "skinning", or changing the appearance of all elements of a site.

August 18, 2005 – 63 Minutes

4. New Controls in ASP.NET 2.0 Slides Demos Lab
Key Concepts:A. New controls in Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0
B. Navigation controls (SiteMapPath, Menu, TreeView)
C. Wizard control
D. MultiView control

August 25, 2005 – 56 minutes

5. Introduction to DataBinding Slides Demos Lab
Key Concepts:A. New declarative data binding model
B. How to bind data to controls using the new data source controls
C. SqlDataSource object
D. Comparison of the way the new declarative model works with an analogous programmatic approach.
E. Other new data-related features in Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0.

Sept 1, 2005 – 60 Minutes

6. Client State Slides Demos Lab
Key Concepts:A. New ways to handle state management in Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0
B. Comparison of URL mangling to the practice of using cookies for storing session keys
C. New cross-page posting feature
D. How to use the Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Profile service as a generic data-backed per-client store.

September 08, 2005 – 59 Minutes

7. Membership Slides Demos Lab
Key Concepts:A. New membership features of Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0
B. How to implement cookie-based authentication for sites using the new security controls and the site administration tool
C. How this authentication works

September 15, 2005 – 46 minutes

8. Webparts Slides Demos Lab
Key Concepts:A. Portal pages
B. Web Parts
C. Basic steps for setting up a customizable site using new Web Part controls, including WebPartManager, WebPartZone, CatalogZone, and EditorZone.

October 6, 2005 – 57 minutes

9. Deployment Slides Demos Lab
Key Concepts:A. How ASP.NET 2.0 performs its parsing and compilation,
B. Deployment options ranging from complete source deployment to binary-only deployment.

October 13, 2005 – 57 minutes

10. Validation Slides Lab used as Demo Lab
Key Concepts:A. New features in Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 specific to the validation controls.
B. Validation groups.

October 20, 2005 – 50 minutes

11. Advanced DataBinding Slides Demos Lab
Key Concepts:A. Hierarchical data binding
B. ObjectDataSource object
C. Multi-layered architectures with declarative binding
D. Two-way binding

October 27, 2005 – 58 minutes

12. Resources and Internationalization Slides Lab used as Demo Lab
Key Concepts:A. Internationalization of Web applications.
B. In addition to the App_Code directory, Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 defines two new directories designed to store resources for compilation; App_LocalResources and App_GlobalResources
C. Declarative and programmatic techniques

November 3, 2005 – 53 minutes

13. Diagnostics Slides Demos Lab
Key Concepts:A. How Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 simplifies the way tracing works, and makes it much easier to redirect trace output to alternate sources.
B. New diagnostic features, including performance counters and the new Web events

November 10, 2005 – 51 minutes

14. Client-Side Features of ASP.NET 2.0 Slides Demos Lab
Key Concepts:A. New client callback feature built into Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0, along with other features that make it easier to integrate client-side script into your rendered pages.
B. Add sophisticated client-side JavaScript that retrieves data from the server without performing a POST-back request.
C. Both the TreeView and GridView controls have built-in support for dynamic data population with client callbacks.
D. Dow to build your own callbacks.

November 17, 2005 – 61 minutes

15. Caching Slides Lab used as Demo Lab
Key Concepts:A. ASP.NET 2.0 has a complete implementation of SQL cache invalidation.
B. Build your own cache dependencies with ease.
C. This webcast covers SQL cache invalidation in both Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005, and explores new cache management features and the new substitution control.

December 8, 2005 – 53 minutes


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