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This is a 6-part webcast series on game programming with DarkGDK using C++ presented by Lee Bamber. Lee is the CEO and founder of Game Creators in the UK. If you are , this series will teach you about and many basics.


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Game Programming, C++, DarkGDK


1. Game Programming in DarkGDK and C++
Key Concepts:

A. What is DarkGDK?
B. How can DarkGDK make game programming easier?
C. Installing Visual C++ Express and DarkGDK
D. Game and resource files

November 6, 2008 60 minutes

2. A Simple Game Framework
Key Concepts:

In this webcast, we examine the fundamental structure and flow of the game we are pulling apart in this six-part series. We explore items like the overall flow of the game, the separate sections of the game structure, and the logic that holds it all together. This is essentially a description of the game chassis.

November 17, 2008 60 minutes

3. Game Levels and the Player
Key Concepts:

In this webcast, we cover the actual game levels and explain how the level loop differs from the game loop. We also describe controlling the player object, player weapon, bullets, and collisions with the game bounds. At the end of this webcast, we have things happening on the screen with interactions.

November 20, 2008 60 minutes

4. The Enemies
Key Concepts:

In this webcast, we cover the enemies in the game, explain the way they are set up and handled, and describe how they are controlled by the simplest of game artificial intelligence (AI). We explore how inter-enemy collisions and responses work and show how the player bullets interact with the enemies. At the end of this webcast, we will have the makings of our game as the player faces the enemy for the first time.

December 4, 2008 60 minutes

5. Explosions, Effects, and Information Displays
Key Concepts:

In this webcast, we cover the explosion effects in the game and examine how sounds are triggered by the various game elements. We also explore how to display information on-screen for things like scoring and explain how to control them with simple function calls.

December 11, 2008 60 minutes

6. Finalizing Levels, Testing, and Polish
Key Concepts:

Join us for this final installment of our six-part webcast series to learn how to set the difficulty curve of the game and make levels. We also discuss testing the game, making final adjustments to the game, and getting it ready for release. We explore how to take the game further with simple expansion possibilities. We finish with the idea that you are now better equipped to tackle a similar game yourself in C++ and DarkGDK.

December 12, 2008 60 minutes


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