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asp net grid, ajax grid, training, asp net reporting, grid componentI just finished watching Bill Steele of Microsoft explain ASP.NET in his 26 hour Soup To Nuts Video series. Bill Steele has an excellent grasp of and provides a streamlined approach. He takes you from learning how to install the free of the software to building a full-blown auction site.

This is the best series I have watched. Bill has a great sense of humor and is very interesting character, as he is also an airplane pilot.


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ASP.NET Soup to Nuts


1. HTML Basics
Key Concepts:

A. Concepts behind the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).
B. A brief history of HTML, its current status, and its plausible future scenarios.

Duration: 60 minutes

2. Web Server Basics
Key Concepts:

A. Web Server
B. Web Application

Duration: 60 minutes

3. ASP.NET Basics
Key Concepts:

A. Microsoft.NET Framework
B. What is ASP.NET?
C. How is ASP.NET managed by the .NET Framework?
D. Functionality of Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 and the .NET Framework.

Duration: 60 minutes

4. Developing your first ASP.NET Web Site
Key Concepts:

A. Creating a simple Web site.
B. How to build a Web site without using any additional "tools"
C. Options for configuring this demonstration Web site.
D. How does ASP.NET 2.0 handle the application during various stages of its execution?

Duration: 60 minutes

5. Introducing Visual Web Developer Express Environment
Key Concepts:

A. Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition
B. Work with the Web site that was created in the previous webcast.

Duration: 60 minutes

6. Adding Data to our site
Key Concepts:

A. SQL Server 2005 Express Edition
B. controls that can request data from the database and store data in it.
C. Customize data access controls

Duration: 60 minutes

7. Adding Pizzazz to your web site
Key Concepts:

A. Concepts of layout and style
B. Master pages
C. Themes
D. Basics of site navigation
E. Navigation controls

Duration: 60 minutes

8. Web Site Security
Key Concepts:

A. A hacker's point of view
B. Examine several types of hacks to show vulnerabilities

Duration: 60 minutes

9. Server Controls
Key Concepts:

A. The standard server controls to advanced controls like data controls, navigation controls, and logon controls.
B. Concept of writing your own controls.

Duration: 60 minutes

10. Extending ASP.NET
Key Concepts:

A. Extend server controls to add functionality by using object oriented programming.
B. Introduction to the object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts of inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation in the context of extending the existing functionality of several server controls.

Duration: 60 minutes

11. User Settings
Key Concepts:

A. Personalization.
B. Storing user information and individual user preferences.
C. Intro to the various storage mechanisms in the ASP.NET framework, such as cookies, ViewState, and profile management features.

Duration: 60 minutes

12. Understanding Application State
Key Concepts:

A. Application state stores data for application

Duration: 60 minutes

13. Managing Your ASP.NET Application
Key Concepts:

A. Hierarchical configuration infrastructure that enables extensible configuration data to be defined and used throughout an application, site, and/or machine.

Duration: 60 minutes

14. Monitoring Your Application
Key Concepts:

A. Health Monitoring during coding, after deployment, and when problems occur.

Duration: 60 minutes

15. Web Part Controls
Key Concepts:

A. Web parts
B. Personalization services

Duration: 60 minutes

16. Caching
Key Concepts:

A. Caching keeps frequently accessed or expensive data in memory.

Duration: 60 minutes

17. Internationalization
Key Concepts:

A. Localization
B. Globalization
C. Resource files

Duration: 60 minutes

18. Tips & Tricks
Key Concepts:

A. Cross Page Posting,
B. Validation Groups,
C. the Focus API,
D. No Compile Pages,
E. Client-Script Features
F. Securing Non-ASP.NET Content.

Duration: 60 minutes

19. Auction Site Design
Key Concepts:

A. Apply the three-tier architecture pattern to the auction site application and lay out the basic framework for the subsequent auction site webcasts.
B. Requirements,
C. Timeline
D. Application development life cycle.

Duration: 60 minutes

20. Auction Site Database
Key Concepts:

A. Auction site application from a database perspective.
B. Develop a database design,
C. Implement the design,
D. Tune the database.
E. Developing stored procedures to support the auction site
F. Configuring the auction site application so it can securely connect to the database by limiting the access to just the required privileges.

Duration: 60 minutes

21. Auction Site Template
Key Concepts:

A. The visual design of the auction site
B. Develop the layout,
C. The Web parts that define the general areas of the site
D. The themes to give the auction site pizzazz.
E. Basic user interface by defining the auction item Web page and the auction item list page.

Duration: 60 minutes

22. Auction Site Management
Key Concepts:

A. All Web sites need some form of management.
B. Management options for auction site

Duration: 60 minutes

23. Data Tier Logic
Key Concepts:

A. The data access layer
B. Theory behind abstracting the data access from the data storage mechanism.
C. Transactions and the unique requirements that a multi-user application imposes on the database.

Duration: 60 minutes

24. Auction Site Business Layer
Key Concepts:

A. Business objects and business logic required to implement the auction Web site.
B. Reasons for separating the code into distinct objects

Duration: 60 minutes

25. Auction Site Page Interaction
Key Concepts:

A. Communication and flow between pages
B. Web site Security

Duration: 60 minutes

26. Auction Site Finishing Touches
Key Concepts:

A. Deployment of Auction website
B. GUI Graphics

Duration: 60 minutes


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