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Microsoft has a great "How Do I Video Series on LINQ" that can be viewed at

Microsoft also has excellent resource pages called 101 VB LINQ Samples and 101 C# LINQ Samples where hundreds of samples are on display.

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1. Live From Redmond: VB9 – Introduction to LINQ in Visual Basic
Key Concepts:LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query and it allows you to query over things like objects, databases and XML in a standard way with a new syntax available in the latest versions of Visual Basic and C#. In this Webcast you will learn how to get started writing LINQ queries using the simple but powerful query syntax available in Visual Basic. We'll walk through a variety of basic queries as well look at aggregates and groups over different data sources. You will also see how writing queries over XML using specific Visual Basic syntax like XML literals and axis properties can help you be much more productive when working with XML.Presenters: Beth Massi is a Program Manager on the Visual Studio Community Team.

March 14, 2008 60 minutes

2. MSDN Webcast: Introduction to Microsoft .NET Language Integrated Query, Code-Named the “LINQ” Project
Key Concepts:The Microsoft .NET Language Integrated Query, code-named the “LINQ” project, is a set of extensions to the Microsoft .NET Framework that encompass language-integrated query, set, and transform operations. LINQ extends Microsoft Visual C# and Visual Basic with native language syntax for queries and provides class libraries to take advantage of these capabilities. In this session, we cover some of the basics of LINQ and explore the key LINQ-related components, such as:
• BLINQ – A tool for generating Microsoft ASP.NET Web sites for displaying, creating, and manipulating data based on database schema
• LINQ to SQL (formerly DLINQ) – A specialized API for accessing Structured Query Language (SQL) relational databases
• LINQ to XML (formerly XLINQ) – A lightweight, rational, and simple API for manipulating XMLPresenter: Anand "AI" Iyer, Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation

November 02, 2006 63 minutes

3. Live From Redmond: VB9 – Deep Dive into LinQ
Key Concepts:This web cast will dive into details how the LinQ features work. In the process, we will discuss anonymous types, type inference, inline functions, extension methods, and how these features work together to give you the LinQ experience. In addition, we will demo how these features can be used independently to help you build your applications quicker and with less code.Presenters: Amanda Silver is a Program Manager on the VB team.

May 09, 2007 58 minutes

4. Live From Redmond: VB9 – LINQ to SQL & O/R Designer Deep Dive
Key Concepts:This web cast extends the SQL and LinQ web cast by showing you how to use the new OR designer to build applications that take advantage of LinQ to SQL.Presenters: Young Joo is a Program Manager on the VB team.

May 02, 2007 64 minutes

5. Live From Redmond: VB9 – LINQ Best Practices
Key Concepts:This web cast will explore best practices for writing easy to read, consumable queries, including naming, usage, and performance ideas.Presenters: Lisa Feigenbaum is a Program Manager on the VB team.

June 13, 2007 55 minutes

6. MSDN Webcast: .NET Language Integrated Query
Key Concepts:Language Integrated Query (LINQ) provides the ability to write query expressions directly within Microsoft Visual C# or Visual Basic. LINQ makes it significantly easier to query and access all types of data. During this session, we introduce you to LINQ and teach you about several different flavors of LINQ, including LINQ to Objects and LINQ to XML.Presenter: Rob Bagby, Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation

February 28, 2008 60 minutes

7. MSDN Webcast: Framework Masterclass: LINQ to SQL
Key Concepts:Microsoft .NET Language Integrated Query (LINQ) provides a common way to work with data in your applications. In this session, we dive into how LINQ provides methods to work with Structured Query Language (SQL) databases, including how to query, insert, and manage data using the LINQ framework.Presenter: Mike Benkovich, MSDN Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation

September 10, 2007 64 minutes

8. MSDN Webcast: LINQ Features in Visual Studio 2008
Key Concepts:Think you have heard all there is to know about Microsoft .NET Language-Integrated Query (LINQ)? Think again! In this webcast, we dazzle and amaze you with our staggering array of wondrous tools to make your LINQ experience a memorable one!Presenter: Zain Naboulsi, Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation

April 17, 2008 90 minutes

9. MSDN Webcast: Framework Masterclass: LINQ to Entities
Key Concepts:In other sessions, we explored how Microsoft .NET Language Integrated Query (LINQ) is used for Structured Query Language (SQL) databases and working with XML. In this webcast, we connect to the data access layer, the business objects that provide the functionality of working with enterprise data. Join us to learn how you can make your LINQ applications really sing when working with entities.Presenter: Mike Benkovich, MSDN Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation

September 24, 2007 62 minutes

10. MSDN Webcast: Framework Masterclass: LINQ to XML
Key Concepts:In other sessions, we have already seen how Microsoft .NET Language Integrated Query (LINQ) works with relational databases. In this webcast, we explore how LINQ can help you develop XML applications. We cover the basics of the XML helper functions, and we also dive into deeper topics.Presenter: Mike Benkovich, MSDN Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation

September 17, 2007 64 minutes


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