SQL Server 2005:(10 Hours) Backup SQL Server 2005, SQL Server Insert, SQL Server Training, SQL Server Profiler, Download SQL Server 2005, SQL Server Script, SQL Server Tutorial

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Gitex 2005 - sql server video tutorial, backup sql server 2005, sql server insert, sql server training, sql server profiler, download sql server 2005, sql server script, sql server tutorial

Here is a free 10-hour video tutorial series on SQL Server 2005. Microsoft's Bryan Von Axelson is the instructor.  Some of the topics covered include: , , , SQL Server Profiler, Download SQL Server 2005, SQL Server Script, SQL Server Tutorial.

Presenter: Bryan Von Axelson, TechNet Presenter, Microsoft Corporation
Creative Commons License photo credit: @@:@@

SQL Server 2005


1. Administration Tools
Key Concepts:

  • changes to the administration and management tools in SQL Server 2005
  • the new Management Studio tool, which encompasses the Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer and OLAP Analysis Manager from SQL 2000

3/21/2005 | Duration:60 Minutes

2. Monitoring Tools
Key Concepts:

The monitoring tools available with SQL Server 2005 include:

  • the SQL Profiler
  • Database Tuning Advisor
  • Database Maintenance Workflow
  • Dynamic Management Views (DMVs)

3/28/2005 | Duration:60 Minutes

3. Achieving Greater Concurrency
Key Concepts:

  • Enhancements to enable greater concurrency and significantly reduce lock contention
  • how to use Snapshot Isolation to reduce currency contention
  • Gain an understanding of database snapshots and replication for scaling and read-only views
  • learn how Dynamic Management Views can help you proactively monitor locking and avoid deadlocks

4/4/2005 | Duration:60 Minutes

4. Securing Your SQL Server
Key Concepts:

  • The security enhancements in SQL Server 2005
  • authentication
  • the Security model
  • endpoint-based authentication
  • the password policy
  • authorization
    • User Schema separation
    • module execution context
    • granular permission control
    • Catalog security

    4/11/2005 | Duration:60 Minutes

    5. Protecting Sensitive Data
    Key Concepts:

    • the crypto support in SQL Server 2005
    • introduction to the concepts of database encryption including encryption support, keys, certificates and key management.
    • how SQL 2005 can protect sensitive data using data encryption and module signatures, and introduce sign modules, what these are and how they work.

    4/18/2005 | Duration:60 Minutes

    6. Managing Large Databases Using Partitioning
    Key Concepts:

    • table and index partitioning capabilities in SQL Server 2005
    • features and benefits of partitioning
    • explain how partitioning works
    • illustrate how to implement and set up partitioning

    4/25/2005 | Duration:60 Minutes

    7. Indexing Enhancements
    Key Concepts:

    • enhancements to the indexing within SQL Server 2005
    • basic changes to the indexing compared to previous versions
    • index management
    • how to use the Database Tuning Advisor as the main tool to analyze indexes

    5/2/2005 | Duration:60 Minutes

    8. Data Recovery
    Key Concepts:

    • Troubleshooting methods
    • tools in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 that you can use to recover from various scenarios
    • database access problems, such as the database being marked as suspect during recovery
    • backup and restore failures
    • database runtime consistency failures, such as checksum
    • DBCC CHECKDB errors

    5/9/2005 | Duration:60 Minutes

    9. High Availability
    Key Concepts:

    • Database mirroring
    • how to configure and use mirroring

    5/16/2005 | Duration:60 Minutes

    10. Moving Data Between Data Sources
    Key Concepts:

    • SQL Server includes a suite of replication technologies that enable a wide range of distributed database applications
    • SQL Server 2005 introduces a few new scenarios that include:

    • Web synchronization of merge replication for mobile and distributed data applications
    • Oracle publishing for integration with Oracle databases
    • peer-to-peer replication

    5/18/2005 | Duration:60 Minutes


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